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Step 2 - Account Setup

iOS App tutorial

You can use this App while in 'Demo Mode', you will not be able to take real credit cards until your account is activated.

Use the following steps to access the username/password fields in the Apple App.


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  • Tap the Account Settings icon from the iDeposit Home Screen (see red box below)
  • The screen should now look like this
  • The App is setup in Demo mode when you first download the App
  • You can tap the 'x' button to delete the fields
  • Type in your username that was provided by via email
  • Type in your password that was provided by via email (Use capital letters, fields are case sensitive)
  • Tap Save (upper right hand corner of the screen)
  • *It may take a few minutes to connect to the servers for verification (internet connection is required)
  • If you entered in your information correctly you will get this confirmation.

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