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UniMag and Shuttle Setup

This tutorial will show you how to setup your UniMag or Shuttle card reader, it is recommended that you apply these settings first before connecting your card reader.

Use the following steps to Setup your UniMag and Shuttle Card Reader.


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  • Select Settings (cog icon) from Home Screen
  • This is your Application Settings
  • Turn on Send Track Data Leave all other settings the same
  • Tap Card Reader
  • Make sure UniMag is checked (even if you have a Shuttle)
  • Return to the Home screen and tap Credit Cards then Process-Sale
  • Insert the UniMag or Shuttle card reader into the Apple device
  • **If prompted, make sure click 'OK' for would like to access the microphone. The Card reader is now powering up
  • Turn the volume on the Apple device to maximum level. The Card reader will power up
  • Tap the Swipe Card button on the bottom left corner
  • You have 20 secs to swipe a credit card. The credit card information will auto-populate (if the sale times out, try again)
  • Type in the sale amount and tap Process

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