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MFi-P25M Setup

This tutorial will show you how to setup your MFi-P25M card reader, it is recommended that you apply these settings first before connecting your card reader.

Use the following steps to Setup your MFi-P25M Apple approved Card Reader.


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  • Select Settings (cog icon) from Home Screen
  • This is your Application Settings
  • Turn on Send Track Data Leave all other settings the same
  • Select Card Reader
  • Make sure MFi-P25 is checked
  • Return to the Home screen and select Credit Cards and then Process-Sale
  • Connect the P25-Mi card reader into the Apple device (the MFi-P25M card reader light would be blue)- Tap the arrow button on the bottom left corner
  • You have 20 secs to Swipe credit card and the information will auto-populate (if time out, try again)
  • Go ahead and type in the amount and tap Process
  • Confirm Process
  • Now you can Email Receipt or Print Receipt (the printed receipt is for the customer to sign
  • Press Print Receipt again to print out a Customer copy

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