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iCMP Setup

This tutorial will show you how to setup your Ingenico iCMP card reader for all Apple devices, it is recommended that you apply these settings first before connecting your card reader.

Use the following steps to Setup your Ingenico iCMP Card Reader.


  • bluetoothselect
  • icmp-side-buttons
  • Ingenico-iCMP-BT-Pairing-Begin
  • Ingenico-iCMP-Search-BT
  • Ingenico-iCMP-green-Button
  • Ingenico-iPad-PIN-Pairing-2
  • appsettings
  • cardreader-icmp
  • home screen
  • process-input
  • process-confirm
  • Open the iOS device got to Settings app, tap 'Bluetooth', and switch it on
  • Press the button above the micro USB port to turn on the iCMP card reader.
  • "BT Pairing Required" will appear on screen after about 30 seconds, then press the 'F1' button.
  • Press the F2 (down) and F3 (up) keys until you see your iOS device name.
  • Press the GREEN button to get your BlueTooth Pairing Pin code.
  • Now enter the PIN on the reader and put into the iOS Bluetooth screen and press 'Done'. *Note, You have 1 minute to pair the reader and iPad before the PIN expires.
  • Once Paired, open the iDeposit app and go to settings (gear icon at the bottom)
  • Select, Card readers and then make sure Ingenico iCMP is checked.
  • Make your way back to the home screen, select Credit cards and Process-Sale.
  • You will need to input the dollar amount and then tap process in the top right corner.
  • Confirm the amount and either slide the chip card to the bottom of the reader or if the customer is using a contactless device have them move the device within a inch or so to detect the payment method.

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