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Shuttle Setup

This tutorial will show you how to setup your Shuttle card reader on some Android devices, it is recommended that you apply these settings first before connecting your card reader.

Use the following steps to Setup your Android Shuttle Card Reader.


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  • After you log-in tap on 'Cog' icon (see example below) to get the Settings
  • This is the Application Settings for the App
  • Make sure you check 'Auto Swipe Mode' if you would like to be able to swipe the card without having to press the swipe card button when processing a sale.
  • Next tap Card Reader from the settings and then Shuttle
  • Go back to the Home of the App and select Credit Cards
  • Process-Sale (make sure the Shuttle is plugged into the device)
  • Swipe the card when it says 'Ready to swipe' or tap the Menu button on the device and select Swipe.
  • You have 20 seconds to swipe the card and the information will auto-populate. Type in the amount and tap Menu and then Process
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